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George Lennox

Publisher, Editor and Writer

George Lennox is not only the owner and publisher of Cult Empire Comics but also an award winning writer and creator of Lady Hollywood, Horror Show, Vampires Everywhere and the epic award winning Vietnam Zombie Holocaust. George is the driving force behind Cult Empire Comics and is heavily influenced by his love of comics, storytelling, B-movies, criminal underworld and real life politics.

James Devlin

Artist, Colourist and Letterer

James Devlin is an award winning Artist based in Glasgow and has worked with Cult Empire Comics on titles Vietnam Zombie Holocaust, Vampires Everywhere and Horror Show. James has worked with most major comic book publishers such as DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics and Image Comics. 


Eli Winter


Eli Winter came on board with Cult Empire about three years ago, having started out editing for Independent comic book publishers. After speaking to Eli at numerous comic events over the past five years Eli came on board to edit Vampires Everywhere and has now been able to go on from scripting to consulting on artwork on Lady Hollywood.

Russell Mark Olson

Artist, Colourist and Letterer

Russell Mark Olson is an award winning artist based in Portsmouth, working on some beautiful comics. The alchemy of a Facebook share alerted Cult Empire to Russell’s talents and first contact was achieved. Luckily for Cult Empire (and all you comic fans), Russell was on an LA noir kick at the time and, with Gateway City already under his belt (plus having drawn three period pieces in succession), he was also looking for something more edgy to stimulate his creative juices, so was quickly on board with the Lady Hollywood project.

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