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Written by George Lennox - Art/Colours/Letters by James Devlin - Cover Art by Alex Ronald   


This Halloween, Horror Show returns with the vengeful and sinister Partyman in a classic tale of Good vs Evil. An endless series of grisly killings by the Partyman sees a Vatican Paranormal Investigator on the case when he introduces himself to two Detectives who are investigating a sinister murder at a New York apartment. To further complications, as the Detectives at the scene of the crime try to piece together what has happened the Partyman stumbles across a bachelor party at the next apartment where the party has just begun!


" Horror Show has an old-school vibe to it that’s difficult not to be drawn in by. A glorious triple header of B-Movie schlock, and another impressive offering from the folks at Cult Empire" - Big Comic Page

Horror Show #3

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